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Bum Genius

I just started cloth diapering a couple weeks ago and DD has developed the worst rash ever. She has never had diaper rash up to this point this bad and I have a feeling its my fault. I got spoiled using disposables and not having to change them so often that I'm kinda at a loss on how often to change the BG's This is my first baby too so I'm learning!!

I used to use Aquaphor all the time and it worked really well but not its not doing much and I'm not sure I should be using it with these diapers. Even though the absorbancy is still amazing I don't want to mess them up, anyway I am taking her to the doctor today for her well baby checkup and I have already started using organic paraben/phylatate (not sure on spelling) free baby wash & shampoo. Will going organic in the diaper rash cream department help me out? I also would rather try something "non prescription"  but if that's what it takes to fix my babies' bum I will use it.

What has worked wonders for you ladies?

Spreading the Cloth Love

The Etsy Diaper Team is giving away free items, in an effort to see if I wanted any - I found some online. Here are the links, for those of you whom might be interested but not wanting to search through the first 15 of 30 stores.

1 doll diaper free w/purchase
2 doll diaper free w/purchase
3 6 free wipes w/purchase
4 free booties with soaker
5 free surprise with soaker
6 free booties with soaker
7 free wipes with cover

I only went through half of the shops too... here's the rest of the list.

I couldn't find her freebie, but I love this woman's shop

Newborn and Small Diapers

I have a rather nice stash I'm going to sell - bG AIO's in small (all colors except pink), swaddlebees small pockets, sumbuns small pockets, mutt (nb OV) and thirsties (small hemp), and some wool.

I'm letting you all know first, in case there's interest - before I take pictures and do a full for sale post at clothdiapering, where I'm sure it'd sell before giving you ladies a chance.

Let me know and I'll show you pics first.

All dipes are in great shape and prices will be VERY reasonable. Shipping included.

[edit] For Sale Post Is Here

Grand Opening - Red-Ginger

I am so excited to announce the grand opening of my new store www.redginger.etsy.com

It has taken a long time to get here - with some bumps and frustrations along the way, but I am so happy to have finally reached this goal and to be able to share it with all of you.

I've listed a bunch of pads in an array of shapes and sizes, colours and patterns, so just about everyone should be able to find something that suits them.

So please take a moment to pop over to my etsy store - Thanks for looking!

-Andrea, www.redginger.etsy.com

Rash Cream

 Forunately my DD hasn't had a rash using cloth (one of the great benefits), but if she does, I understand that many kinds of rash cream can stain CD's.  Are there any kinds that I can buy at an everyday store (Target, Walmart, etc.) that I can use?  Thanks!

where have I been?

Ok, it's been 6 months since we stopped cloth diapering.

  • Knickernappies are now outsourced (i.e. www.abbyslane.com is selling them)

  • Happy Heiny's have a one-size pocket

  • Swaddlebees have prints

  • There's new style FBs

  • There's new style bumGenius's

  • There's new style Bummis covers

And that's just on the surface - this is TOTALLY the new "cool mom" thing to do, isn't it?

green awesomeness

Reusablebags.com was just honored with Green Business of the Year

as a thank you promotion, they're offering one of their reusable bags free with a $25 purchase. sounds like a deal to me!

i LOVE klean kanteens, my market Flora basket, our sandwhich baggy replacements and not even mentioning my son and I's lunchboxes! they'd all make excellent holidy gifts!


4 M nikky diaper covers (3 100% cotton, 1 poly blend) all brand new a few of them still in package
2 L nikky diaper covers (1 cotton, 1 poly) both brand new
4 FB med's all brand new (red, yellow, orange, light blue)
1 becca's bottoms S PUL cover with cute fishy detail on bum

pics on my flickr acct:



cotton nikky's - $16ppd
poly nikky's - $9ppd
FB's - $13ppd or $50ppd for all 4
becca's - $6ppd

Medium and Large diapers for sale

 I tried selling these diapers but the pictures were awful. So, I'm trying this again, with brand new pictures! No more fuzziness :D
I am also adding in some Large Snugabyes, Fitteds...

I have 4 printed large TrainUpAChild diapers for sale or for trade.

i have 8 premium sized contour prefolds for sale. they are nice and absorbent, a teensy bit bulky. would be great for overnight or car trips. they're just too big for my little boy right now and we're switching to fitted. they are mostly unused (a few have been used, tho) but i did wash them a number of times to get them ready to be used...

i also have 4 nikky diaper covers sz M (3 100% cotton and 1 poly) all of them are brand new, some still in package.

2 nikky diaper covers sz L (1 cotton, 1 poly) brand new as well.

nikky's rock. they're totally waterproof and very trim fitting.


$2ppd/diaper for the contours. US only.
$17ppd for the cotton covers
$11ppd for the poly

pics can be seen here:


comment for further info.






I have to sell this stuff. As in have to. There is no option.

Sugar Peas, Mother-ease, BSWW, and Maya Wrap.

I accept Credit Card or Funded payment - no e-checks! Make me an offer if you don't like prices. ANY offer.

Everything is in excellent condition, unless otherwise noted.

Prices include shipping and DC!Collapse )

ISO: prefolds or contours

whaddaya got?...my boy is just above 12lbs i think...

very interested in unbleached, organic, hemp or cotton...i'd even consider kissaluvs contours...im in the market for a dozen more diapers.





The Big Switcheroo!

I am finally about finished with all the 'sposies I got at my baby showers.  My DD Sophia is 3 months now and we are just starting to build our stash!  It is about the funnest thing I've done in a long time!  I have 7 dipes now and know I need about 20.  I am interested in OS and need some AIO's (even if they aren't OS).  I want to try some WAHM Wares, so find me if you want some sales!  Check out my latest journal entry for my current collection! 

get it gone

i have stopped cloth diapering. why? 1) my baby was really big and they never fit quite right. 2) he had heat aggravated excema (not contagious). everything has been washed and stripped, but it's been sitting in my closet for about 3 months.

12-18 month robeez in navy blue
4 bsww covers, 2 guc, 2 uc
3 fb, 1 ec, 2 uc
2 snapease guc
1 bg1 guc
4 lukes drawes, uc
2 large mf inserts for fb
2 small mf inserts for fb
5 hemp inserts, various large
5 thin fleece liners
5 thick flannel racecar liners infant/sm/med
10 wipes, guc, no stains
5 mf towels uc
3 hemp prefolds
4 infant liners, thin sm/med
2 sm/med hemp fitteds
5 eb kl2's
6 premium prefolds
8 gerber prefolds
9 infant prefolds
1 kl insert
1 large custom wetbag brown with 70's flowers
1 small bummis bag

a freind is getting first dibs, but please let me know if anyone is interested in any of this.

Looking For Some More CDs

 This is X-Posted in other communities as well.

I'm broke now, bought alot of dipes. But I will want some more on the 20th.

I'm looking to widen my stash of CD's. I'm looking for something not too expensive, maybe 11$ and less per diaper. I like the AIO's, AI2's, Fitted, and Pockets. I would prefer something girlie, but it's not really a bother if it isn't.  Large is preffered but for the right price, I'd buy Mediums as well.

Anyone have any CD's they wanna sell? Maybe even some doublers. (Forgive me, I'm still new to CD's Languages :D )


I didn't know how addicted until we were in Burlington VT this weekend and a new store opened called Sprouts (not sure if it is a chain or just two locations in VT). They have all sorts of wonderful goodies (organic cotton/wool clothes, wooden toys, nursing accessories, and of course, cloth diapers!). Now living in Vermont, it is rare to find someplace that sells diapers, I have bought all of mine online. To look at a whole wall of cloth diapers . . . it was heaven. There were some tried and true that I've seen before (bummmis, bumgenius, fuzzy bunz, mother-ease) and a few I'd only heard of but never touched (imsevimse) and some I'd never heard of. I just went around touching them all (the wool, the flannel, and ohh the bamboo!). I had to keep telling myself "you don't need more diapers" and "you are making your own now, you don't have to buy that one". But they were all so wonderful. It is my new favorite store. I knew that you guys would understand (more than my husband anyway!).


Does anyone have any ideas where I can get reasonably priced ($40 or so) longies with a 20 in rise and 7-8 in inseam?
I'm really partial to variagated yarns.

Sep. 5th, 2007

hey everyone!!

I have lots of cloth for sale over at my journal, for cheap!! i have a swaddlebees aio, some bummis covers, WAHM AIOS, and rumpsters! please go check it out :)


Aug. 13th, 2007

Check out what's new at The Mushroom Tree!  Diaper doublers in BKT, terry, and velour, new wipe sets, aaannnddd....mama pads in all sizes and absorbancies! :)


Hello all. I have just set up my hyena cart. Please take a second to go check it out. I've got cloth diapers, breast pads, wipes and a breast pump listed. 



hey all!

(hopefully) soon-to-be second time mom, first time cloth diaperer & i have a few questions.

our son was a skinny guy - 6lbs 6 oz at birth, 19.75" long, so i'm guessing #2 will likely have a similar body structure.  he's continued to stay on the smallish end of the curve (he's now 3.5, 31 pounds & 38" tall).

we're (well, i'm) wanting to cloth #2 for green reasons - money & environment.

here's the situation:
- #2 is definitely our last, so i want to spend wisely knowing i'll likely resell in a couple of years.
- i have been contemplating OS dipes (bG's or haute pockets) so we only need to buy once instead of as size changes, but i want a trim fit.  is it possible to get a 'sposie-like trim fit with a OS dipe?
- i want to do pockets for ease with daycare.  i think they'd flip with prefolds/covers, as would husband.
- i was considering using kl0s until #2 fits into the OS, but am not entirely convinced that's a good investment.

please bestow upon me your cloth knowledge!  tia!

Cloth Nursing Pad Pattern

I'm not sure where to post this so if it should be somewhere else please let me know.

Any good "beginner" patterns for free to make cloth nursing pads? I have very limited knowledge sewing but I do have a sewing machine and am wanting to try to make my own (even if they turn out sloppy). Oh, and my sewing machine does have a zigzag stitch if that helps, though I'm not exactly sure how sew with it (on the edge of the fabric or just off the edge?).

My plan is to use flannel for one side and possible flannel or cotton for the front (facing away from the body) with no PUL and if I need extra absorbency I'll throw in a layer of terry or whatever.


Aug. 24th, 2007

Does anyone know of where to buy those little plastic snaps (I have no idea what they are called lol). I want to make some nappied with snaps, but can't seem to find any!

Gripe Water for Trade

Hi -

Anyone want any Gripe Water?  For some reason, my mom bought me two bottles when she was on vacation.  I think it's used for colicky babies and my kids are way past that stage. 

I have no idea what it's worth, but I'd love to trade for cloth wipes, AIO diapers or waterproof trainers.


Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let all of you lovely ladies know that all orders over $10 at VajPads get free shipping in the month of August. Vaj Pads has cloth menstrual pads, from thong liners to post partums, cloth wipes and cloth nursing pads. :o)

Summer Shorties Blowout Sale!

i do not want to hold on to these until next summer.
i repeat.


priced to sellCollapse )


Feedback left for violentmae

1. How long was this transaction, payment to receipt? Not long at all. THe shipping came faster than I thought
2. Was the quality of the diapers as described and pictured?Exactly as mentioned
3. Would you work with this person again? Of course, great prices and great service
4. Was DC purchased and provided if requested by you? Um, I don't know what this means.
5. On a scale of 1-5, what would you rate this transaction? A 5


Frontier, again

I'm now running a local Frontier coop in August and in looking through the sale catalog Glad Rags are huge on sale this month.

3 Pantyliners are SRP 18.99 and they're 11.39 in August. Organic Panytliner 3 count is SRP 20.99 and currently 12.59.

If you're unable to find a coop I'll be happy to do a couple items for a couple people - but it's local for a reason and I'd LOVE to not have to ship a bunch of stuff :)

Simply wanted to share the cloth love

Cloth for Toilet Paper??

Okay, I may be loosing my mind but I remember someone posted something about using cloth for t-paper. I don't remember what community it was and they didn't go into more details. It got me to thinking about using cloth for myself. I've already stated my stash of cloth pantyliners/pads but got curious about toilet paper. Why use the harsh stuff? Especially when you have sensitive skin already.

So, what do ya'll know about this? Do you use the same type of wipes as those for babies? Any information I can read up on it? Like what to use, how to store, clean, etc?


The Mushroom Tree is NOW OPEN!!!

The Mushroom Tree is celebrating its SEMI-GRAND OPENING all this week! Stop by for a visit and look at my affordable cloth  diapers, mama pads, and more!

Check out some of these cute items I have listed:


does anyone use inserts for pockets inside regular covers? does that work?


need something? want something?

Señor Blueberry

My 14-month old is on the all blueberry and cheese diet. This makes for wonderful diapers - like dark gray clay poops! It's wrecking havoc on his pocket diapers - I can't get the stains out of them and some inserts. I'm hesitant to try liners as I haven't found ones I like yet - the paper ones disintegrate and the microfiber ones trap moisture.
Any idea how to get stains out? I do a cold rinse with a little Purex Free and Clear and some washing soda. Then a really hot wash with Purex F&C and some Oxiclean F&C. Then a vinegar rinse. I've sunned them...and they're still stained. Am I just destined to have stained diapers until he changes his diet??


wanted list

need something? want something?

a cloth dilemna

so this week we bought biodegradable disposables. we've used cloth exclusively, save for a 3 day period when we moved back here, since luna was born. i always knew i'd use cloth--i grew up with cloth diapers, all my siblings were cloth diapered, including my youngest sister, who is now 8. but i didn't really count on me working full time, joaquin staying home with the baby, and relying on laundromats for our laundry. well, to be more specific, our apartment has a laundry room, but it costs $2.50 to do a (small) load of laundry.

we have to do a load of diapers at least every other day. i always wash the diapers twice, and generally soak them as well. to run them twice it becomes 3.75 a load, and since we share our laundry facilities with 20 other apartments (that's two tiny washers and two tiny dryers), there's no way to leave the lid up and let the diapers soak for a few hours.

initially, i was soaking every load of diapers in the bathtub first. i'd plug the drain when i took my shower at night, and dump the diapers in, letting them soak overnight, then putting them through one washing cycle. this works alright to get things clean, but it's kind of gross, and the longer it went on, the more i began to worry about the sanitariness of my bathtub. at the rate we go through diapers, stuff would be soaking every single day. it smells, and i have to make sure the bathroom door is always closed, because i'm afraid luna will go in and fall into the tub.

it bothers me to be giving up cloth for a lot of reasons, most of which are i guess image related. i definitely feel like i'm losing some crunchy status, even if our diapers are green. but i don't really know what our alternative is, at this point.

i'm very interested in g diapers, if anyone is familiar with those. i have to compare costs, though, and see if it's reasonable for us. as it is, we are probably going to spend about $60 a month on diapers. we'd be spending a comparable amount a month on diaper laundry, however, in addition to the hassle of soaking and what not. so i don't know. luna's 15 months now, and i can imagine that she might begin potty learning within the next 6 months, right? right? okay, i really don't count on that. i just don't know what a better option would be, until we're able to be in a place with a washer and dryer again.

any thoughts? has anyone else found a workable system for doing diaper laundry in these circumstances?

(x-posted to my journal)

wanted: iso/iha

in search of anything? need anything desperatley?


i just bought a brand new biobottoms wool diaper cover. do i have to lanolize it? the site i got it from doesn't say i need to...just wash it in cold water.

what do you ladies say?


for sale - robeez

12-18 month size navy blue robeez, EUC. i'm the third (that i know of) owner of these, they have no holes orloose stitching. no scuffs. the leather is broken in, so they are very soft.

$10 ppd.


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