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Bum Genius

I just started cloth diapering a couple weeks ago and DD has developed the worst rash ever. She has never had diaper rash up to this point this bad and I have a feeling its my fault. I got spoiled using disposables and not having to change them so often that I'm kinda at a loss on how often to change the BG's This is my first baby too so I'm learning!!

I used to use Aquaphor all the time and it worked really well but not its not doing much and I'm not sure I should be using it with these diapers. Even though the absorbancy is still amazing I don't want to mess them up, anyway I am taking her to the doctor today for her well baby checkup and I have already started using organic paraben/phylatate (not sure on spelling) free baby wash & shampoo. Will going organic in the diaper rash cream department help me out? I also would rather try something "non prescription"  but if that's what it takes to fix my babies' bum I will use it.

What has worked wonders for you ladies?