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ISO/IHA Clothlove

Oops.. we're behind the 8 ball - sorry!

Post your IHA/ISO here.
Please remember and follow the rules on the userpage... DC and feedback form req'd!

bumIdiot dyeing

items from frontier coop, review

the last time i ordered i got a tongue cleaner, a bodybrush, and some deoderant.

the bodybrush is a great brush wet with soap, it does not work for what i wanted, which is "bodybrushing". i have better luck with a hemp terry cloth babywipe i use.

the auyervedic tongue cleaner rocks. it's metal with handles, and is a vast improvement over brushing my tongue with a toothbrush or scraping it with a metal spoon. :P

i am smelly. i stink. i am sweaty and i don't shave my armpits very often because i get razorburn that gets cystic. i cannot NOT shave, because my armpit hair stinks to high heaven. i have tried salts. i have tried OTC dove, and teen spirit, sauve, that sort of thing.

this stuff KICKS ASS. it's pure and basic natural green tea deoderant, "oriental cypress". i bought it for my hubby, but tried it on a whim. it's so soothing. i'm not sore, sweaty, or stinky. <3<3<3

my avalon organics green tea face lotion is still backordered though. :( cricri

feedback - hearthandheart, toastqueen

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if i have bought from you PLEASE remind me and i'll survey you.

i am tagging this with the names of everyone involoved and subject heading it "FEEDBACK". please do the same for your transactions!


Someone want to run another Frontier coop?

iso/iha for this week

there wasnt an iso post for this week and well...im iso!

baby boy is due aug 11. have a very meager stash begun.

i prefer nikky diaper covers in the poly blend or wool. i dont see many of you using them, not sure why...they're awesome...if there is anything in that realm, however i'd consider them.

looking for small and medium sizes (i think they're called size a and size b) - i need about five of each

also looking for biobottoms wool covers in any size - EUC please.

i only have a dozen rainbow contour diapers from natural baby...love those, but would be interested in unbleached or hemp prefolds. i am interested in fitteds, but im unsure of my ability to afford them. infant size is ok, but im thinking id be better of making due with big diapers at first and having him grow into them since my fundage is low.

any other nb advice is welcome...im working from the bottom up here.




Hey, everyone--

I am 11 weeks pregnant with #2. With my son, we used pocket diapers almost exclusively (FBs in the beginning, and then I fell in love with HHs before he potty-trained). With this one, the thought of stuffing pocket diapers is exhausting me (but maybe that's partly because I'm still in the first trimester, and the thought of having to do ANYTHING exhausts me), so I was hoping to check out some AIOs. I really want to try bG AIOs.

Has anyone here had experience with the bG AIOs? I heard from another friend that they are great, especially for daycare.

The other thing is...anyone know where I can find some? I checked out cotton babies, but it doesn't look like they have anything but mediums in stock (though their order section is kind of confusing...suppose I could call them).

Does anyone have any other recommendations for reasonably-priced AIOs? I really don't want to spend a ton of money, especially on the newborn/small sizes. Especially since you can no longer sell them on ebay.

fuzzi bunz

Hi, I'm new to the community. Mama to two beans- boy is 3 1/2, and was cloth diapered rarely (and no longer does the diaper thing), girl is 8 months and has been cd'ed for the past few months. I bought a diva cup after my first period came back after having my son (when he was 2 years old), but then was knocked up directly after that period and thus haven't had a chance to use it! Both kids are still nursing, though I'm looking for ways to wean the older one...

So, I have one question. Someone gave me some old medium fuzzi bunz, and the elastic is worn out. I know how to replace the elastic, but I don't know how much elastic to use per leg and on the waist. Anyone else know?



have fun!
hello ladies...
i've got several listings that will be ending soon on HC Spot's Corner
if you don't have an account with HC or you're interested in a trade, just let me know and we can work something out

if you DO have an HC account and frequent the forums, i am still accepting up to 10HC$ towards the purchase of anything listed

my items can be seen here

good evening!

I wanted to post and ask if there was any interest in large fuzzibunz.  I have 4 I am wanting ot part with since my little girl is *still* swimming in her mediums at 16 months.  I used them with my son but he potty leanred ages ago.

anyhow i have a royal blue, orange(stained) and green all first quality and a turqoise (?) blue second that was only used a few weeks.  I can definatly take a picture, If somone is interested ;)


lol i forgot again!

wanted lists!

if you have anything you want to trade or buy list it here. you may also post what you're looking for!
The my son started preschool and we have to use disposables part-time now sale...

Knickernappies, Swaddlebees, Snap-Ez, ASIL, MizKnits, KozyCollapse )

Wow, that’s emotional. There's a lot of cloth love in this post I'm not quite ready to let go of...

As usual, all prices are PPD and negotiable, especially when making bulk orders ;)

wanted: one day late

sorry guys, i was busy yesterday!


not restricted to cloth diapers.

please remember to add dc! and leave feedback!


Hi everyone! I'm new here and new to cloth diapers. I just got my first package in the mail today from trainupachild. I'm in love and looking for more. I will give you all my intro.

Name: Julie
Age: 23
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Marital Status: engaged to Randy, been together 6 years.
Kids? Of course. Two girls, Mayden is 4 years old and Makenna is 11 months old.

I think that raps that up. I was wondering if anyone had any diapers for sale? I'm looking for Large. With pretty covers. Thanks all.

Nighttime Diapering

So, I've received some advice in my own journal about nighttime diapering, and I'm realizing that I pretty much am going to have to go to wool if I want him to consistently stay dry.
My nighttime routine has been: pocket diaper, 2 joeybunz hemp, 2 microfiber (up from 1 hemp & 2 microfiber, then 2 hemp and 1 microfiber). I find that it's leaking out of the side, near the tab or snap, where no absorbancy is (disposables aren't absorbent there either) as my son sleeps on his side (onoes! - don't tell the sids police!)
My question to you is - what do you do that seems to keep your child dry at night? Links to products would be appreciated, too, because I need to buy soon! (sillyboho - I will probably take you up on your offer to knit...if you have the time)
Also, someone recommended these suede-like liners as the microfleece and rice paper liners all seem to trap wetness against my boy. Is this something I can just make myself - is there similar "suede-like" cloth in the fabric sections? I'd hate to pay $23 for a bunch of liners if they don't work for us.

Thanks for any advice!


Feedback for schmatalie

1. How long was this transaction, payment to receipt?
2 days I think. It was FAST...I was actually pleasantly suprised to get my diaper in the mail this morning! *smile*

2. Was the quality of the diapers as described and pictured?

3. Would you work with this person again?
Absolutely Yes

4. Was DC purchased and provided if requested by you?
DC was purchased I believe, though I didn't think to request it, so very awesome she thought of it for me

5. On a scale of 1-5, what would you rate this transaction
5...fast, easy and super friendly

(i hope I tagged that correctly, really I hope I just did the whole feedback correctly!)

Mod post -

please everyone, remember to leave feedback for your sales and trades.

our goal is to have the feedback intergrated with the tags. supa easy, if everyone cooperates!

also- please remember that dc is mandatory!


i have money (from freshly sold stashage to rl friends) to buy pockets! i need THREE larges, any nongirly colors. ! i have $25 and loose wool.

hook a sistah up.


hey mamas, I have this gorgeous drybees pocket lacie that needs a new home.

It was bought for a friend.. but we wanted white, and a Medium.. and got a small and lavendar...

pictureCollapse )


WANTED: iso/iha

c'mon people! don't make me miss those other communities!

need something? have stuff gathering dust?

the list is not restricted to diapers!



So, I've been ruining my pocket diapers by using nystatin, triple paste & Avalon Organics A, D, & E ointment. I've used rice paper liners in the past, but I felt these trapped moisture against my babe's bum rather than the diaper wicking it away. I just recently tried flannel liners (just a receiving blanket cut to size) as someone in my plagroup recommended it and they did the same - it was like throwing a wipe in there.
What can I do? Are there liners out there that wick away from the skin?
i am thinking of selling a huge chunk of my stash to fund new pockets. my super chunky (28lb at last weigh in) 9 month old is really to tall for the rise on these.

my goal is $150. my stash is guc-ok used condition in med/large. i want to sell it together. if i figure $5 each item that's 30 items. i can create that easily with fitteds, a couple of fb, and covers. inserts included.

so i ask you, is $150 a good price or am i reaching too high? i have no idea how much to go for. i need to buy at least 10 new ALMOST new fb.

i've had this stash for 4-5 months, and i paid 8-12 each for the fitteds.

it's scary, because at last count i'd spent ~$600. that's not counting what i've since sold, worn out, or traded. it took me a bit to decide what i liked. i justify it by saying that i had two kids in diapers for a few months, and $600 / 5 months = $120 a month, which is $30 a week. have i saved ANY money???!!!



Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers, Stage 4 (22-37 Lbs), 34-Count Packages (Pack of 4) (136 Diapers)
Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers, Stage 4 (22-37 Lbs), 34-Count Packages (Pack of 4) (136 Diapers)

you figure 10 diapers a day, that's 300 diapers a month. that's2 and a half of those. that's $105 with NO WASHING.


so i was pricing fb for my next purchase. i'm pissed that i can't afford to buy now, but my loss if your gain:

brand new fuzzibunz w/insert $14.55 each. hanging diaper bags $13.

us postage update!

so i shipping some items today. due to the increase in postage i thought i'd give y'all an idea of how much it cost me to ship.

dc is now .65!!!

to ship ONE fitted diaper in a bubblemailer was $2.00 within the us. so any FFS items should be $2.00 base item, $1 each additional item.
spam me with your favorite lunch stuff!

I need a reusable lunch bag (right now I'm using up the seemingly hundreds of plastic bags we saved).


Stripping (woo hoo!)

Okay, for sillyboho - I don't have to do a asdfghjk post - of course I can come up with a question!
How do you strip your diapers? I've been using dish detergent in the washing machine instead of my cold wash/rinse. I was told that this should get diaper creams out of the diapers (I use pockets). It hasn't for the most part (and the nystatin has stained.)
So, what's your routine?

Blueberry Diaper? - Never Mind!!!

Anyone receive their diapers or even an email about their order from http://www.blueberrydiapers.com/
from this link?
I only got the PayPal notice and my cc was charged - anyone have any luck?

Doubler? Liner? What is it?

So, I've been plodding along in this cloth diapering world for about 9 months, and I still feel clueless!
I got one of these (picture)Collapse ) from emibeans when I placed my order, and I still don't really know what it is. Is it a doubler to place inside my pocket diaper? Is it a fleece liner? Should I turn in my membership to cloth diapering?
Also, any tricks on getting inserts in my bumGenius diapers to stay where I put them. I HATE these diapers! Whomever came up with their name should be slapped! I love my Fuzzibunz so much better, and don't have hardly any problems with them.

ok. ffs *GONE! too slow*

Free Fo' Shipping
$1.50 for one item.
.50 per addtional item after that. no max.

1 hemp wahm contour lg
1 hemp wahm fitted lg
2 skoon organic fitted lg BAD APLIX
1 firefly hemp fitted, loose elastic
2 unknown sewn in doubler fitteds BLOWN ELASTIC
1 hh pocket xl
1 sm/med pair of longies black/brown
1 kl2 colors in blue BLOWN ELASTIC

if you are in need, and do NOT have pp, or plain just want to trades are great. i'm open to trying anything in large/xl.


Jazzy Pads by tamarack

I know I've mentioned my love for Etsy WAHM luna-like pads before, and I just spent the last hour looking for the seller on Etsy and thought I'd share with you BY FAR the best cloth pads I've used.

SOS, wool shorties galore, and more

hello ladies...in case some of you are not also members of that other comm, i thought i'd offer these here, as well

i do not have time today to link individual pictures but everything is clearly seperated so you won't have to view images of clothing or toys if all you're interested in is diapers ;)

everything's here, for your browsing pleasure!

*if this isn't allowed (x-posting, just a link to an album, or for any other reason) just let me know. i joined a while ago and keep this comm on my FL but i'll admit i haven't read all the rules ;)
I have 3 smalls in-red,periwinkle,turquoise
I will include a cotton babies doubler insert for free with each one if you ask. I would like 10$ each, shipping included, funded paypal only!

Looking at them I don't notice any flaws..

x-posted to clothdiapering

All Sold THANKS!

get yer $5 cloth diaper!


go to "trial packs", select your diaper size/style/color, enter "TRIAL" as the promo code.

enter your info, voila - get a $5 diaper.


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