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Mamas Gone Green with Fluffy Love

where canvas bag carriers and diva cup holders get advice from diaper addicts

Mamas Gone Green with Fluffy Love!
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the community.

Oh for the Love of Cloth!

Our goal is to be the one-stop shop for all cloth lovers.
Cloth Diapers, Cloth Napkins, Cloth Pads, Cloth Bags, you name it...
We're here to share how we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with the group.
Sell, swap, share, compare... we don't care!
Just keep it drama free and follow the rules (below).

the rules.

Sales and Swaps
The Wanted (ISO) post will go up every Wednesday.
You post what you are looking for (ISO) and what you want to trade or sell (IHA).
Feel free to link to sale posts, personal journals, diaperswappers or eBay.
The wanted lists are not restricted to cloth products;
however, most people will only be looking for "green" or parenting items.

For sale or swap posts are not resticted to the Wednesday Wanted list.
Pictures will help your item sell better and help keep your feedback positive.
Please describe the condition as well as you can.
Choose one of the following descriptions:
New and Washed - never worn or used, only washed (used 0 months)
EUC - excellent used condition, no stains or wearing (used 0-3 months)
GUC - good used condition, light staining and light wear from usage (used 3-6 months)
Fair - item has been loved but still has life left, still functional (used 6-12 months)
Poor - item needs repair, has small holes, larger stains (12-24 months)
FFS - Free For Shipping, item has problems and buyer CANNOT complain about condition
Remember: TAG YOUR POST as "For Sale" and with your username.

People will leave feedback for you and you will leave feedback for them.
Copy and paste this questionnaire out and rate your sale on a scale of 1-5.
Post answers in a NEW post containing the link to your sale or swap.
It is IMPERATIVE you tag all of your sales, swaps and feedback posts.
Track someone's feedback and posts by searching their username tag.
If you need a mod to tag a post for you, please let us know.

Shipping and Payment
Calculate your prices to include shipping and Delivery Confirmation (DC).
DC is everyone's friend and is mandatory for US sales and swaps.
Every package's DC will not be verified.
However, it is the seller/shipper's responsibility to provide the DC when requested.
If DC was not provided and package is lost, the seller must reimburse 100% or will be banned.
Shipping to Canada: it's easy and not expensive - be nice to our Canadians.
Check USPS for more info.

Pay with a check or money order at your own risk.
Paypal is our only recommended way to do business.
It will track your transactions and protect buyers and sellers.
Use it for your shipping needs too!

the info.

Contact the Mods
Anytime you have a question.
Anytime you have a suggestion.
Anytime you have an issue.
Anytime you'd like to!

e-mail Stacy at tothmccarry @ gmail.com

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